Pulmonology Department Theagenio Cancer Hospital

Theageneio Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki trusted ENDOSCOPIKI SA for the full upgrade of its Pulmonology Department. ENDOSCOPIKI SA undertook the complete upgrade of its equipment, in collaboration with the Scientific & Administrative Manager of the Pulmonology Oncology Department, Dr. Theodora Tsiouda.

Endoscopy System

The department was equipped with a complete ELUXEO™ Endoscopy Processor System EP-6000 by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. The innovative ELUXEO™ system, awarded with Red Dot Award: Product Design, in combination with the latest endoscope 700 Series, set a new standard in endoscopic imaging. It offers endoscopists through its excellent image quality and the use of unique BLI & LCI imaging techniques, new data in high definition chromoendoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract and thus helping them to prevent, diagnose and treat precancerous conditions and early stomach cancer.

SU-1 Processor & EB-530 US Ultrasonic Bronchoscope

The Endobronchial Ultrasound Processor SU-1 by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation and the Ultrasound Bronchoscope EB-530US. The EB-530US has excellent manoeuvrability and the insertion capability to reduce patient discomfort and improve operator efficiency. Moreover, the Ultrasonography Processor SU-1 provides high quality images and imaging modes, thus supporting accurate punctures. Finally, the scope’s 10° forward oblique view in combination with a 120° field of view improves manoeuvrability and safety during Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (TBNA) procedures.

Ultrasound Processor Mini Probe Radial 360ᵒ SP-900

The Endoscopic Ultrasound Processor Mini Probe Radial 360ᵒ SP-900 by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation is designed with enhanced operability in order to provide a more efficient examination to the Pulmonologists. This small and lightweight system can be used either as stand-alone or as part of an endoscopy system. High resolution ultrasonic images can be obtained through its digital video signal output. Moreover the shorter distal rigid section enables the probe to be inserted more smoothly into the upper lobe bronchus even when the endoscope is bent. Finally, various model with different lengths, diameters or frequencies are available.

Bronchoscope EB-580 T 

The Therapeutic Bronchoscope EB-580 T of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation is equipped with an optical lens and a high resolution image sensor for vivid and high quality images. It can obtain a wide range of data for accurate endoscopic examination and diagnosis. Finally, EB-580 T provides a larger working channel allowing faster suction.  

Electrosurgical Workstation VIΟ 200S ERBECRYO 2 

The electrosurgical workstation VIΟ 200S by Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH provides precise power output adjusted to the individual indications. The system is very easy to operate due to FocusView mode. It is supported with electrode safety system NESSY and provides interactive assistance when positioning the return electrode. Moreover, VIΟ 200S can be updated, provides the ability to store up to 10 programs and to connect 2 footswitches. The ERBECRYO®2 system enables the use of cryotherapy techniques for endobronchial operations. With the user friendly plug and play function,  ERBECRYO®2 system automatically adjusts all the appropriate parameters for each sensor. Simultaneously, it displays all the important settings on the screen and is activated via a foot switch, offering tremendous ease of use.

Washer – Disinfector System

One state-of-the-art endoscope washer-disinfector system SERIE1 by Soluscope. The Endoscope Washer Disinfector Systems by Soluscope offer high level endoscope reprocessing in a complete cycle of only 21 minutes, while consuming 40% less water and chemicals. Moreover, the systems are equipped with a 7″ inch touch screen, providing in this way the user with an easy graphical interface, thus enabling easy and fast access to all their functions.

Wireless Ultrasound Systems

The Wireless Ultrasound Systems by Clarius Mobile Health, consist as the leading choice for health professionals looking for premium imaging in an affordable scanner. By easily connecting your scanner with an IOS or Android device, the Ultrasounds by Clarius Mobile Health offer high portability, easy of use and high-definition imaging for full body imaging of up to 40cm. Moreover, artificial intelligence, specialized presets and customizable workflows automatically optimize imaging, offering a seamless experience to health professionals. Finally, with the Telemedicine function Clarius Live, health professionals have the ability by sending a link, to allow external recipients to view their scan, thus assisting them with their examination.


The installation and training was carried out by the experience sales team of our Branch Office in Northern Greece, in the presence of Dr. Theodora Tsiouda, Dr. Eufimia Boutsikou and Dr. Vasileios Mpikos. In addition, our company, due to our excellent cooperation with Theageneio Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki, undertook the complete decoration of the space with special digital prints on the walls. With this upgrade, doctors, resident doctors and the nursing staff of the Pulmonology Department of Theageneio Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki will be able to use and be trained in the most modern technologies of Interventional Pulmonology. In this way, top quality service and safety will be provided to the patients of Northern Greece.