Our team consists of people who work together with integrity, commitment and real professional relationships, while sharing a common vision of dedication to the invaluable commodity of Health. Our employees consistently express high levels of satisfaction at ENDOSCOPIKI S.A. because of our strong sense of teamwork and people-centered business philosophy. All the personnel of ENDOSCOPIKI S.A. have received thorough training in the latest technologies and approaches of cutting-edge medical devices. More specifically, our team consists of the Salesmen, who are highly trained and with a long experience in the medical device industry. The Finance Department presents the typical structure with the Finance Director leading the team and the Commercial Department, whose main concern is to deal with all bureaucratic tasks. The common denominator for these groups is the thorough and continuous training, usually abroad, while very frequently, a competition study is being carried out, so that every day is a new opportunity for development, for every employee at ENDOSCOPIKI S.A.


Our company has a fully equipped Service Department, consisting of high-tech infrastructure, equipment and tools, in order to deal with every service that a customer may need. The Service Team consists of highly qualified engineers, who are constantly trained in new technologies, products and methods, abroad. Each one of our engineers has the experience to deal with any maintenance and/or preventive and corrective service needed. Over the years, our Service team has managed to carry out successfully over 1,000 repairs - maintenances per year for its entire range of products, in hospitals and laboratories around the world. At the same time, ENDOSCOPIKI S.A. is one of the few FUJIFILM service centres worldwide, carrying out more than 300 endoscope repairs per year. In this way, our company has managed to save valuable time for its customers, providing them with high quality services.

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