The General University of Patras chose ELUXEO™


The General University Hospital of Patras, became a member of ELUXEO™ family, by upgrading its Gastroenterology Clinic.


Another University Hospital of Greece, chose to upgrade and equip its Gastroenterology Clinic with the innovative Endoscopic Processor ELUXEO™ by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation.

The Gastroenterology Clinic of  General University Hospital of Patras, under the direction of the Professor Dr.Konstantinos Thomopoulos, acquired a complete Endoscopic Processor ELUXEO™ with Gastroscopes 700 Series by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation.

The Gastroenterology Clinic is additionally equipped with two modern endoscope washer-disinfector systems SERIE1 by Soluscope, providing in this way complete safety to the patients and the nursing staff.

With the Endoscopic Processor ELUXEO™, doctors, resident doctors and the medical students of University of Patras will be able to use and be trained in the most modern technologies of Endoscopy.