AI system iDAScore and a second Embryoscope+ system in Gennima IVF


The artificial intelligence system iDAScore accompanied with a second time-lapse Embryoscope + system were installed in Gennima IVF.


Following the first installation by ENDOSCOPIKI S.A. of the innovative Embryoscope + Time Lapse System by Vitrolife in the laboratory of the IVF unit Gennima IVF, one new Embryoscope +  Time Lapse System was added.

The new EmbryoScope + incubators have a built-in camera with time-lapse technology and take a picture of each embryo every 10 minutes, creating a video that shows its evolution for the days that remain in the incubator (2-5 days). With the Embryoscope + system the embryos remain in the stable environment of the incubator and are not disturbed throughout their development.

In addition the system was equipped with the innovative artificial intelligence system iDAScore by Vitrolife. iDAScore analyzes all the data of the growing stage of the embryos and not just a static photo, allowing the ‘smart’ selection of the most suitable embryos in order to increase the success rate of the pregnancy.