A’ University Pulmonology – Tuberculosis ICU Clinic of Sotiria Thoracic Diseases Hospital of Athens was the first clinic that a live bronchoscopy was carried out with the innovative new slim bronchoscope EB-710P by Fujifilm

ENDOSCOPIKI SA team carried out the first national bronchoscopy with the innovative new slim bronchoscope EB-710P by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. The live case took place in the A’ University Pulmonology – Tuberculosis ICU Clinic of Sotiria Thoracic Diseases Hospital of Athens by the Associate Professor Dr. Grigoris Stratakos, in the presence of the Director Professor Dr. Antonia Koutsoukou.

EB-710P Slim Bronchoscope

The innovative new slim bronchoscope EB-710P by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation is equipped with an exceptionally compact CMOS Sensor. This technology means that the tip is a mere 4.1 mm in diameter with a field of view of 120˚. In this way endoscopists can penetrate the periphery of the lung much more easily than with a conventional system. It is compatible with the new generation Endoscope Processors ELUXEO™ and with its One-Step Connector, the bronchoscope can be connected to the light source in a single step. In addition, there is a rotation mechanism that enables 120˚ rotation which allows the user to return the endoscope safely to its original position. Finally, the new control portion is equipped with a wider grip, new suction valve, and four switches, which allows smooth handling.

With this new slim bronchoscope EB-710P, Pulmonologists will have the chance to further improve the examination of bronchoscopy. Finally patients will enjoy even more safety and top class medical services.